Project summary

Nowadays, the use of numerical simulation in general and particularly finite element analysis (FEA) has become a mandatory step of material processing optimization. Reliable virtual forming would lead to stiffer, stronger, safer and lighter steel parts through using advanced models. Simulation-software uses complex material constitutive models and its success reproducing the real thermomechanical behaviour is inherently dependent on the quality of the model and related material parameters. However, todays methods to characterize the materials through constitutive models, including damage, and their parameters are expensive and not robust.

The main goal of the project VForm-XSteels is to develop an efficient and accurate methodology for material characterization and determining the material parameters of thermomechanical models, from a dedicated single test that involve nonhomogeneous temperature and strain fields. Indeed, this non-homogeneity leads to richer information than more traditional approaches with quasi-homogeneous tests, thus leading to a decrease of the number of experiments. A database and online library with calibrated material constitutive models, particularly for AHSS, is also developed.

The benefits of the proposed methodology and consequent implemented numerical tool developed within this project are (i) increasing the precision of numerical FEA simulations providing accurate input data, filling then a gap of the FEA market and answering to the request of the FEA users. Therefore, the (ii) reduction of engineering metal part development lead-time and the provision of robust solutions with highly improved quality is also a benefit. (iii) Developing an automatic, accurate and trustworthy methodology for model material characterization; (iv) reducing the number of experimental tests required to characterize metal forming materials; and (v) cost and time reduction in the overall development process are also benefits of this proposal.

Project reference: Research Fund for Coal and Steel grant agreement No 888153